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Why Choose Ant Control for Your Murfreesboro Home?

When you’re considering ant control for your Murfreesboro home, you should be aware of the ecological benefits of ants. Because of their scavenging nature, they’ll serve to remove dead organisms. Additionally, they serve your local eco-system by being a food source for many lizards, anteaters, and other insects.

However, their function in the ecosystem does not mean that these critters belong in or around your home. If you’ve got an ant infestation on your hands, they’re likely to be destructive to your food and other elements of your property. Also, they are capable of introducing diseases and creating health risks for your family.

You Might Have an Ant Problem If:

  • There are trails of sawdust inside or around your residential or commercial property
  • You notice a hollowness in your wooden beams or floorboards when you knock on them
  • You hear the sound of rustling in your walls
  • You can visibly see some ants around your home or ant mounds outside
  • Trees are dying that have ants living in them

Ant Extermination for Multiple Species

Not every species of ant is dealt with the same way. Because of this, identifying the species of your ant infestation in Murfreesboro is the first step we take. Understanding the specific species differences is very necessary to build the perfect ant control solutions. In the Middle Tennessee area, we commonly encounter these species of ants:

carpenter ant control in Murfreesboro

  • One node
  • Varies in color, from black to brown to red
  • No stinger
  • 1/4 to 1/2 inch long
  • Have large mandibles (jaws/pinchers on the head)
  • Found throughout the US
  • Will build nests in moist, rotting wood. Can sometimes be found in walls indoors and logs outside.
  • Will eat food debris indoors


If you’ve got a carpenter ant infestation on your hands, contact your reliable local experts at GK pest solutions to have your ants gone for good. You might think that carpenter ant control is a good option for DIY pest control, but it’s not worth the risk to you and your family. These insects can actually cause serious damage to your property as they excavate wood to build their nests.  Carpenter ants are by far the most consistently harmful if they’re on your property.

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fire ant control in Murfreesboro
  • Two nodes
  • Red with a darker reddish-brown abdomen
  • Has stinger, very painful sting
  • 1/16 – 1/4 inch long
  • Found in Southeast and Southwest USA
  • Prefer high-protein foods


Fire ants are no joke. These insects are known for their painful stings that leave you with a burning sensation. That’s where the name comes from. For most people, these fire ant bites will just cause some discomfort, but people with fire ant allergies have an entirely different perspective. To those allergic, these insects become VERY dangerous as their fiery bites can cause a life-threatening reaction called anaphylaxis. Getting rid of these insects can be a pretty complicated task as well. Not every treatment that works outside can be used inside as well. 

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little black ant control in Murfreesboro

  • Two nodes
  • Black
  • Has stinger
  • 1/16 inch, very small
  • Eat sugars, grease, and oils


Little black ants always seem to find their way into our Murfreesboro homes. It’s a pretty universal experience to have a large trail of ants randomly appear in the house. These little insects can be moving by the hundreds, and it’s often a challenge to figure out where they’re coming from. If your house is currently being overtaken by little black ants, you should reach out to your reliable local experts in little black ant control in Murfreesboro.

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odorous house ant control in Murfreesboro

  • One node (hard to see, hidden by abdomen)
  • Brown or black uniform color
  • No stinger
  • 1/8 inch long
  • Emits a rotten odor when crushed
  • Found throughout most of the US but not in the Southeast
  • Prefer sweets but will eat high-protein or greasy foods if available


Odorous house ants are generally not considered to be dangerous to your home and family. However, they do pose a large threat to your nose. These stinky insects will smell like rotten coconut or blue cheese when you squish them. They’re also known to be foraging day and night around buildings and like to travel the perimeter of your walls, deckboards, door frames, etc. 

If odorous house ants are taking your home by storm, contact your reliable odorous house ant control experts at GK Pest Solutions for a free quote and inspection!

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