Pharmacy Extermination Services

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Pharmacy Extermination Services

Servicing a pharmacy requires a special attention to detail. This thorough inspection is key to making sure that the medicines you distribute remain contaminate free from pests. With industry leading inspection methods and industrial grade service reporting GK Pest Solutions is here to help.

All agreements with GK Pest Solutions come with a semi-annual performance review, invitation to a state of the art customer portal, and a 24 hour on-site response guarantee. 

Green, organic, eco-friendly programs  available upon request. Please note if your company is maintaining an organic certification the program will need to be complete in writing with specific types of pyrethroids or other pesticidal active ingredients.

Our “Get it Right” guarantee means that if a pest problem comes back in between services then we do too. Free of charge.

All devices and rooms will have a barcode ,discreetly, installed so that when that area or device is being serviced your technician will scan into the area/ device. Providing you with easy to read, transparent, and industry leading service reporting

Complimentary to all of our commercial clients who do not have an escalation procedure in place GK Pest Solutions provides and escalation procedure for you. This procedure is instrumental in ensuring that your business remains a pest free environment.

In your logbook a list of approved materials will be listed in the back. These materials have been extensively researched to ensure safety of you, your employees, your customers, and our technicians.

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Our mission is to provide our customers Superior Pest Protection. Our guarantee is we will solve your pest issues. If your pests come back so do we. We provide transparent, affordable pricing and world-class customer service. Always staying true to one of our core values, Excellence! We look forward to serving you!

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