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DIY Secrets for Mosquito Control

DIY Mosquito Control Secrets

Tired of itchy bites and mosquito-infested nights? If you live in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, you’re no stranger to bloodsucking mosquitoes, and you may be wondering if there are any do-it-yourself insect repellents. While DIY mosquito control measures can provide some temporary respite, the mosquito’s quick life cycle implies that it will most likely be a continuous endeavor. Even if you are successful in eliminating large swaths of adult mosquito populations, new ones emerge all the time.

The key to mosquito control is to be strategic and make the most of your efforts. That’s why we’ve decided to leverage our years of experience in this blog to offer some advice on how to obtain the greatest results from your DIY mosquito control. The goal of our pest control company is to help you have a mosquito-free spring and summer, from practical procedures to prevention strategies.

When is the Best Time for Mosquito Control in Murfreesboro?

Mosquitoes can be an issue in warm climates like ours for most of the year. Having said that, these pests are most active during the summer. As a result, the greatest time for preventative mosquito treatment is in the spring, before they become a problem.

If at all possible, keep standing water away from your property. One of the most significant aspects of home mosquito control is the removal of standing water. Mosquito eggs are laid in water, where they develop as larvae and pupae. Mosquitoes do not emerge from the water until they are mature enough to fly and reproduce. A puddle, a pool, a bird bath – any device that collects even a tiny amount of water is a possible mosquito breeding site.

During this time, you should also consider scheduling a preventative mosquito control service with a professional pest control firm. Calling in April to schedule a preventative mosquito control service can make your property much more pleasurable in the summer.

Which DIY Methods for Mosquito Control Actually Work?

If the mosquito infestation is severe enough, none of these will help. However, for mild to moderate mosquito infestations, any of the following approaches may have different degrees of success:

  • Heavy duty fans: You might be unaware that mosquitos can’t fly very well, but it’s true. They will naturally avoid regions with strong winds. Many people duplicate this in their backyards by installing large outdoor fans.
  • Mosquito repellent topical sprays: Although they will not fix your mosquito problem, they will improve your time outside by preventing bites. Just be sure it contains DEET or picaridin as an active component. These are the most powerful.
  • Store bought mosquito insecticides: For safety and effectiveness, use any insecticide with great caution and only as advised on the product box. Insecticides can be extremely hazardous to humans and pets if consumed in high quantities. If you’ve considered using store-bought insecticides, it could be a better use of your time and money to call a professional mosquito exterminator like GK Pest Solutions.
  • Fish: If you have a pond, fountain, or other body of water on your property, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to remove the water, but mosquitoes will likely lay their eggs in it. Many homeowners have come up with a novel solution, acquiring koi fish to live in their water feature. Why? It’s simple: koi fish are a natural predator of mosquito larvae and consume massive amounts of them.

Is Mosquito-Borne Disease a Concern in Murfreesboro, Tennessee?

Mosquito-borne disease is a big issue all around the world. It is one of the top causes of death in tropical climates and complicates life for millions more chronic sufferers.

We are lucky in Murfreesboro because mosquito-borne sickness is extremely infrequent. People in Tennessee should be mindful of the mosquito situation surrounding them, as a bite can still have serious health repercussions. One mosquito-borne disease found in Tennessee is West Nile. Furthermore, data suggests that Zika mosquitos may be present in places near Nashville.

Save Yourself the Effort, and Leave it to the Pros

If you’re looking for your next DIY project and considering mosquito control, take it from us: reserve your energy for something more gratifying. You may save a few dollars with DIY mosquito control, but you may also end up spending more money over time. And, when compared to professional mosquito control, the outcomes are likely to be subpar.

GK Pest Solutions handles this properly and with the greatest tools and experience available. We’ve worked with incredible homeowners all around the country.

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