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Do You Have Rodents in Your Crawl Space in Murfreesboro?

encapsulated crawl space in a basement in nashville

Crawl spaces are found in many homes, but some don’t have this feature. Depending on where you reside, the rationale for a crawl space may differ. A crawl space is commonly used in flood zones and under homes that require ventilation. In some ways, a crawl space is similar to a basement, however, it is open on all sides rather than closed in. They are also required for some homes for accessibility.

It is both cost-effective and convenient to build a home off the ground. Pouring a foundation and grading the property are services that will cause the cost to go above making a home with a crawl space. The HVAC, plumbing, water pipes, and sewer pipes for the entire house can also be installed in the area. This makes it easier for maintenance employees to avoid having to open walls.

The bad news is that they provide an ideal setting for all manner of critters to hide. And you don’t want to be shocked by a family of mice or rats if you’re crawling under the house to replace the AC. The pests must then be removed, and the area must be encapsulated.

If you find rodents in your crawl space, contact our reliable team at GK Pest Solutions to schedule your free inspection and onsite quote for your Murfreesboro pest control and Murfreesboro crawl space encapsulation services

Why Do Rodents Like Crawl Spaces?

It’s obvious why rodents like crawl spaces, when you take a look at the key features for their nests. Dark, secluded, damp, sheltered, and it’s the ideal location for a rodent to create its home. And your house has food, water, and everything else a rodent requires to live happily and have as many babies as possible.

When given the correct conditions, rats can have up to 70+ kids in a year, while one mouse can have 60+ babies. When the odor of their urine begins to permeate through the floorboards, it becomes overbearing and a genuine concern. That is not what anyone wants.

Furthermore, if those rodents are keeping you up at night with their antics, you will be eager to destabilize their new habitat. And if you have one rodent, chances are you have many. Please contact your local rodent control service to get them removed before the next litter is born.

The Dangers of a Rodent Infestation in Your Crawl Space in Murfreesboro

You may hear it at night. Scratching, eating, and other strange noises emanating from the floor. You look beneath the bed and the dressers but find nothing. The sound then comes from the crawl space beneath the house. But can you just coexist with the animals?

There are numerous reasons why rodents are deadly if they live under or in your home.

  • Ticks, fleas, lice, mites, and other parasites can make your family and pets sick if you live with rats.
  • They will gnaw on the floor joists and wires in the crawl area, causing damage to the home’s structure.
  • A rodent’s fangs are no match for the plumbing. After all, they have to keep them somewhere.
  • Under the house, your AC ducting is vulnerable to damage.
  • To get access to your home, they will drill holes in your floorboards, walls, siding, and roofs.
  • Rats and squirrels inflict severe damage to the insulation and building components beneath the house.
  • Rodents have been observed chewing wires and using them as nesting materials. Damaged cables can cause fires beneath and within your home.
  • They will leave their faeces anywhere they choose in crawl areas. The stink will saturate the floor and spread throughout the house. YUCK!
  • They can go into the pantry and contaminate items if they get inside the house.
  • Finally, infections such as hantavirus, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, plague, and tularemia are transferred by these rodents by their droppings, urine, and saliva.

For a crawl space that’s free of rodents and other creepy crawlers, you should reach out to our reliable pest experts at GK Pest Solutions to perform a Nashville crawl space encapsulation.

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