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How to Deal With Standing Water in Your Crawl Space

What to Do About Standing Water in Crawl Space

Water damage affects around 14,000 persons in the United States every day. Standing water in the crawl space is a common issue in coastal Virginia and North Carolina. Consider your crawl space to be a shallow pool beneath your home.

If not handled appropriately, this unwanted water might lead to worse problems. So, how can you combat this damp intruder while also ensuring a dry, healthy foundation for your home? Stay tuned for an actionable guide to dealing with and preventing standing water in your crawl area.

Signs You’ve Got Standing Water in Your Crawl Space

Vigilance is essential when it comes to keeping your home safe and dry. Standing water under your house is not always easy to detect. Here are some common warning indicators.

Foul Odor

This is a common thing for homeowners to notice. There’s a really good chance that you have standing water in your crawl space, if you notice your home smelling musty.

Mold Growth

Usually, if there’s a lot of excess water, mold will follow shortly behind. If you see or smell any mold, it’s possible that you’ve got water building up in your crawl space.


This is one of our specialties as a Murfreesboro pest control company. Bugs and other pests like to make their home in dark, damp environments. If you’re noticing a large increase in pests both in and around your home, you could have a moisture issue in your crawl space.

Spike in Utility Bills

Your crawl space is largely responsible for insulation and heat regulation in your home, among the access to important features of your home. Any moisture buildup in your crawl space can cause higher utility bills by making it more difficult for your home to regulate the temperature. There’s a number of different reasons that you can have water buildup in your crawl space, so it’s best to stay vigilant and well-informed.

The Solution to Your Crawl Space Needs

How to deal with standing water in your crawl space? GK Pest Solutions is a locally owned and operated pest control company servicing Murfreesboro, TN and the surrounding areas. In addition to killing your bugs and removing rodents, we also offer excellent Murfreesboro crawl space encapsulation services. You can reach out to one of our reliable, local professionals to give you a free crawl space inspection and onsite quote. Contact us today to book your visit!

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